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ColourVue Glamour Grey Lens

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Robert Durham

/ 5

I love these contacts so much that I ordered four pairs! I plan to order more in the future!

ColourVUE Glamour Grey lenses create a vibrant colour change and defined black circle for bigger, more glamorous looking eyes.

ColourVue Glamour contact lenses are a combination of the best features from the ColourVue series which combines the big eyes and 3 tones effect to give you a wide eye, doll type look. Available in 5 vibrant colors like aqua, blue, green, grey and honey, these lenses won’t tire your eyes and keep them looking fresh and attractive and give you the confidence to wear them all through the day.

Price is for a Pair  (Left Eye Power and Right Eye Power each)

PACKAGING        2 Lenses / Box  (1 Pair) 

Duration            3 Months

Power Available  0.00 to -8.00


ColourVUE Glamour lenses are the latest addition to the ColourVUE family. They are the combined result of the ColourVUE Big Eyes and ColourVUE 3 Tones lenses. The Glamour series creates a vibrant colour change and black circle for bigger, glamourous, vivid and defined looking eyes.


> Vivid 3 Tones with defined black circle
> Beautiful combination of 3 Tones and Circle Lens designs
> Patented HYDROGEL material, high oxygen permeability
> European CE approved, ISO9001
> Available in Violet, Blue, Aqua, Green, Grey and Honey

> Exceptional comfort
> Suitable for both dark & light coloured eyes
> Vibrant colour change and bigger defined looking eyes

Product review

4.5 Average rating , total 4 reviews

Robert Durham

28 Jun 2019

/ 5

Natural Color

I love these contacts so much that I ordered four pairs! I plan to order more in the future!

Azaria Loyd

01 Jun 2017

/ 4

Very pretty lenses

The shipping was a bit slow even with the fast shipping option, but luckily i still received them in time for a convention i went to. The contacts make your eyes really pop. They cover the dark hazel of my eyes pretty well. Make sure to wear makeup with these though, they tend to look creepy without it. The packaging was adorable and clean when arrived.


31 Dec 2014

/ 4

glamour grey

Beautiful color, but at first comfort is good then later on starts to irritate and isn't good to wear for more than 5 hours. Other than what has been said I like it.

Erryn Feliciano

24 Apr 2016

/ 5

Love it!

When I first tried these on, I was disappointed because they didn't really look grey. I took some pictures and was actually surprised at how grey my eyes looked. They look amazing in the pictures and I love that they don't have that dolly effect. I don't like my eyes looking big (:

  • Type
  • Type
    Dark Rim
  • Diameter
    14.00 mm
  • Color
Product Name
ColourVue Glamour Grey Lens